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My name is Artur and I am an 18 year old Software Engineer currently working at Old Mill on a full-time apprenticeship.

I have been interested in programming for as long as I can remember which has led to spending a lot of time teaching myself how to create bigger and better things everyday since about 2014 but, I have been intrigued by the idea of becoming a programmer since I was about 11 and I have been working in the professional field for around 2.5 years.

I now mostly focus on App/Web development however I have always enjoyed working on games using Unreal Engine 4. In 2017 I have found out about a freelancing website called Fiverr and I have decided to provide my services in Unreal Engine 4 to other people as a way of making a fair amount of extra money at a young age as the account grew.

Feel free to contact me for my CV or with any inquiries.


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Full Name: Mr Artur Dworaczek

Mobile: +447927406051

Email: inquiries@dworaczek.me

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